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HB Food Pairing

The Hankey Bannister Guide to Pairing Whisky and Food

30. 3. 2021

We may be over 250 years old, but we're always keen on trying new ways to enjoy a dram of our whisky. Because when it comes to choosing our favourite things in life, it doesn't come as a surprise that we're enthusiastic about whisky! But as they say, the best things in life aren't meant to be enjoyed alone, and we like to enjoy our whisky perfectly paired with food.

Celebrations come a close second, and with Easter right around the corner, we thought we'd tell you all about the different flavours you can experience when fusing whisky with food. From the perfect pairing of our 12 Years Old Regency blend with a babka cake to a complementary combination of some spicier whisky notes which accentuate the taste of dark chocolate.

Babka Cake

When the occasion comes, we certainly have a sweet tooth that we need to satisfy. It can be a delightful experience to enjoy the fusion of flavours a dram of Hankey Bannister provides with the traditional Polish Easter delicacies. These special occasions call for an equally impressive partner to be enjoyed alongside them, so what better excuse to dive into the sweet-filled world than during the Easter season.

The Polish babka cake is renowned for its rich, firm and buttery taste with a delectable, marbled inside, filled with a variety of sweet additions and topped with sugar syrup, streusel or chocolate to suit your taste buds.

The sweet but buttery yeast of the bread is sublimely accentuated with a whisky that encompasses a well-balanced taste, with some sweet notes and a slightly smoky finish. If you plan to enjoy a babka cake, we think it pairs perfectly with Hankey Bannister 12 Years Old Regency. The soft vanilla undertones of the whisky effortlessly enhance the sweetness of the cake, whilst the slightly smoky finish also perfectly balances the contrast of the cake with a little bit of spice.

Dark Chocolate

A well-known whisky pairing is chocolate and whisky due to the similarities in flavour palettes and tasting notes. When we pair Hankey Bannister Whisky with chocolate, we do this to complement and contrast the flavours. Not only does it remind us of our founders, with the refined personality of Mr Bannister, which highlights the flamboyance of Mr Hankey, but it also shows us how well opposites can work together.

If you are planning on indulging in some chocolate truffles, we recommend opting for a more robust whisky that will accentuate the rich aroma of deep cocoa. The full-bodied Hankey Bannister 21 Years Old Partners Reserve provides the perfectly flavoured quality that will highlight the full-flavoured palette of the chocolate.

Aged in American and Spanish Oak, Hankey Bannister 21 Years Old Partners Reserve provides sublime notes of dried fruit and vanilla, which seamlessly combine with dark chocolate.

It's no secret that our founders were total opposites of each other whilst still perfectly complimenting one another, and we think this approach works very well when pairing whisky and chocolate. Opting for a whisky with a spicier finish, such as Hankey Bannister, 25 Years Old, might provide your taste buds with the perfect combination of flavours. The incredibly long-lasting finish, the subtle spice, will allow you to elevate the chocolate's sweetness and highlight the whisky's unique palette.

So whether it be chocolate truffles or a chocolate pudding, accompany it with a drop of Hankey Bannister whisky, and you won't be disappointed.

Apple Pie

Deserts don't come much more original than an Apple Pie. We're big fans of keeping things original. Take our Hankey Bannister Original Blend, for example, which is the perfect combination of a lighter but still warming whisky that will fuse perfectly with a fruit-filled dessert.

Hankey Bannister Original blend carries a light aroma with subtle spice. It will ideally accompany the fruit-filled flavours of the apple pie whilst the honeyed touches further compliment the overall taste of the pastry for a delightful taste.

To get the perfect blend of tastes, we recommend starting with a sip of Hankey Bannister Original Blend to introduce your taste buds to the whisky and follow with a bite or two of the pie to enjoy the fusion of the flavours.


A pairing commonly associated with wine also works well with whisky, and we'd go as far as saying that it's a tasting phenomenon. Like whisky, cheese has such a diverse range of flavours and aromas, so it's no wonder that they go so well together. Goats cheese, for example, is delicious but particularly when paired with Hankey Bannister Original Blend as the smooth and fruity flavours complement the creamy ness of the cheese.

When enjoying Hankey Bannister Heritage Blend, we highly recommend a slice or two of Gouda. The whisky's palate begins with the sweetness of dried fruits and develops into sour apples with a slight peatiness. The long finish acts as a great addition to the pleasant tang of the cheese.

Blue cheese tends to be a real topic of discussion among many. Some love the richness whilst others tend to swap it out for some grapes. We don't like to pick sides but rather recommend a whisky which will go perfectly with it. Blue cheese is known for its robust and ripe taste, which means that it needs a powerful and full-bodied whisky to go with it. The sharp flavours of the cheese will perfectly compliment the rich and creaminess of Hankey Bannister, 25 Years Old, whilst the notes of spice found in the finish will allow you to enjoy both the whisky and cheese without undermining the strength of either.

Since the beginnings of Hankey Bannister, our whisky has been enjoyed throughout society in various ways and on a variety of occasions. Whether it is a neat dram, whisky on the rocks or a whisky cocktail, make sure to try pairing it with food and discover new flavours that you didn't even know could exist! 

Our range of whiskies offers various flavours, finishes, and tastes and can immensely elevate any food tasting experience. So don't feel like you have to limit matching the daring flavours of whisky and food to special occasions. They can be enjoyed at any time and only taste better when savoured in good company!