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Meet The Founders

Our wine and spirits business was established in London’s West End in 1757 and saw the pioneering pair Beaumont Hankey and Hugh Bannister set out together in the pursuit of a single goal – that of providing the very finest wines and spirits to satisfy the rapidly developing tastes of London’s connoisseurs.

Beaumont Hankey

The suave Beaumont Hankey was the epitome of sophistication. An affable socialite, his magnetic personality meant he was always the centre of attention, charming all those around him. A bold and confident individual, he embodied an indefinable Scotch style.

Hugh Bannister

Revered and refined, Hugh Bannister was a meticulous businessman. Perfectly contrasting and complementing his partner, his astute and esteemed nature made him the perfect balance to Beaumont Hankey’s flamboyance. He was a man of substance, known for understated elegance.

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