Our Whisky

Our founders knew how to combine their style and substance to produce sublime results - and so do we. Our award-winning collection features uniquely smooth blended Scotch whisky and with prestigious ages. 

  • Original A

    Original Blend

    Messrs Hankey and Bannister present their Original blend of fine and rare Scotch whiskies. Hand-selected for quality and crafted with care to create a smooth, light and perfectly balanced blend renowned in society for over 250 Years.

  • Heritage Blend

    Heritage Blend

    An inspired recreation of an original bottling of Hankey Bannister Scotch Whisky, made between 1924 and 1928 and re-discovered, perfectly preserved. Our Master Blender has carefully recreated this antique liquid and the result is undoubtedly amazing!

  • 12 YO B

    12 Years Old Regency

    Well-balanced with sweet soft vanilla and a slightly smoky finish.

  • 21 YO B

    21 Years Old Partners' Reserve

    Blended from our rarest and most exceptional whiskies, Hankey Bannister 21 Years Old Partners' Reserve is truly unique and luxurious.

  • 25 YO C

    Aged 25 Years

    This limited edition whisky is allowed to age over 25 years in American oak casks to produce a blend with a rich, complex and perfectly balanced taste.

  • 40 YO B

    Aged 40 Years

    A rare whisky, with only 1400 bottles, that's full-bodied whisky with hints of raisin, chocolate and spices.