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Substance with Style

Messrs Hankey and Bannister travelled to Scotland to source the finest ingredients to perfect their Scotch whisky blend. Through careful selection and crafting they created something different, a new taste, especially for their exacting clientele in London.

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The Perfect Blend

Hankey Bannister is crafted from the finest Highland Malts, including single malts from our Old Pulteney, Balblair, AnCnoc, Speyburn and Balmenach distilleries.  These are then expertly combined with the more delicate Lowland Grain whiskies to produce our unique blend.

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Malted Barley

Staying true to the original recipe, all the malted barley used for Hankey Bannister Original is air dried without using peat smoke. This allows the delicate, subtle flavours to be freely expressed and create the smooth blend that Hankey Bannister is renowned for.

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Aged to Perfection

All our malt and grain spirit is then left to quietly mature in oak, within our warehouses for a minimum of three years, where each cask slowly develops its own unique style. 

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Angels Share

The Angels share is the amount of alcohol which evaporates from casks during the whisky's maturation process. This would be 9% over a 3 year period and nearly 27% over a 12 Year period. Lucky Angels!

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Releasing the Flavour

Only when our master blender has identified that a cask is ready are the flavours released and the blending process begins following his exact recipes. The blend of malt and grain is then left to marry together before being bottled as Hankey Bannister.

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Liquid Gold

Hankey Bannister is Distilled, Blended and Bottled in Scotland.

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Distilled, Blended & Bottled in Scotland

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