The Perfect Blend Cocktail

Our award-winning Hankey Bannister 12 Year Old Scotch forms the base of this modern, elegant and classic whisky highball cocktail.

The sweet and smokey flavours combine perfectly with the zingy citrus notes of Oloroso Sherry and the spicy, cardamom notes of Escubac. 

It’s infused with subtle, yet fragrant Tonka Bitters, mixed with a generous splash of soda water, and topped off with a sprig of fresh mint to form a truly refreshing, tantalisingly palatable whisky cocktail recipe with just the right amount of spice.

We recommend serving over a chunk of ice in a classic 11oz Highball glass.



  • 30ml Hankey Bannister 12 Years Old
  • 20ml Leith Oloroso Sherry
  • 20ml Escubac
  • 2 x drops of Tonka Bitters
  • Soda Water


Build in a highball glass over a chunk of ice.


Mint sprig


11oz Highball

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