Rob Buck Roy Cocktail

This drink is a collision of two classic cocktail recipes with scotch whisky; a Rob Roy and a Whisky Buck.

It is taken from an idea hatched at the stylish Amsterdam bar “Hiding in Plain Sight”; voted Best Cocktail Bar in the Netherlands.

Add 50ml of the multi-award-winning Hankey Bannister Original to your shaker for a sweet, lightly-spiced, yet, smooth taste.

Next, add 25ml of bitter-sweet Martini Rosso to add complexity, citrusy lemon juice to add sharpness, and Gomme syrup to add silkiness to the texture.

Finally, add 4 dashes of sweet Peychaud’s bitters and shake well. 

Pour into an 11oz highball glass, top with ginger ale and finish with a skewer of orange zest and cherry.



  • 50ml Hankey Bannister Original
  • 25ml Martini Rosso
  • 25ml lemon juice
  • 20ml 1:1 Gomme
  • 4 x dash Peychauds bitters
  • Top ginger ale


Shake all the ingredients except the ginger ale, serve and top with ginger ale.


Orange zest and cherry on a skewer


11oz Highball

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