Pining for Beaumont

Much in the manner of our trendsetting co-founder Beaumont Hankey, this modern old fashioned cocktail with a twist variation eschews convention for something a little more adventurous.

For best results, we recommend choosing our award-winning, perfectly balanced Hankey Bannister Regency 12 years old as your base.

From here, add 10ml of sweet, yet subtle, pine syrup and stir in a splash of Strawberry Eau de Vie to provide a sweet, but not overwhelming, strawberry edge to the mix.

Pour over a large chunk of ice in a rocks glass and top with a sprig of pine needles for a truly stylish, Beaumont-esque finish.



  • 50ml Hankey 12 Years Old
  • 10ml Pine syrup
  • Strawberry Eue De Vie Essence


Stir and pour over a large block of ice.


Sprig of pine needles


Rocks Glass

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