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An interview with our Brand Ambassador

Some time ago we interviewed our Master Blender Stuart Harvey. The man behind Hankey Bannister’s award-winning blended whiskies helped us understand where the quality of craftsmanship behind our products and the relentless pursuit of quality comes from. Today we’re introducing somebody else. Lukasz Dynowiak is our Brand Ambassador.

What does it mean? We’d best let him explain.

Glorified bartender (laughs). But seriously, brand ambassador is a spokesperson. It’s somebody who goes wherever the brand needs a voice. Good whisky speaks for itself of course but sometimes what’s needed is a bit more detail. My role revolves mainly around education. The aim is to take the message of Hankey Bannister and carry it to all the countries where our whisky is sold. People want to hear about our founders and their heritage, production methods, the whisky itself and, perhaps most of all, how to enjoy it. Another part of it is hosting our guests here in Scotland, taking them to distilleries, explaining the process.

Sounds like a dream job!

And it’s even better than it sounds. The best thing about it is seeing people’s enthusiasm. When you live in Scotland it’s easy to start taking great whisky for granted. But when you’re travelling you see just how powerful a symbol Scotch is. It’s definitely more than a drink and Hankey Bannister in particular seems to resonate with the public wherever I go. Great whisky made using traditional methods but served with a flourish of style. People get it.

Is it the same wherever you go?

Some things are similar. Appreciation for quality for one. It doesn’t matter where you are, people can tell a good whisky from a great one. But of course some things are different in different countries. In the UK and the US right now cocktails are the big thing and Hankey Bannister fits into that culture comfortably. But if you go East, people tend to focus more on the occasion, the opportunity to be together. They serve whisky very simply and appreciate it for what it is. They are two sides of the same coin really, but it’s all very interesting. You could say that great whisky bridges cultures.

What do people like about Hankey Bannister the most?

We are fiercely proud of our heritage with the founders at the heart of it and people love all the rich history behind the drink. But to be honest the thing our fans tend to enjoy the most is, quite simply, the taste. It’s the silky smooth mouthfeel and the slightly sweet, fruity character. Hankey Bannister Original doesn’t have any smokiness to it, it’s as we say unpeated, which is quite unusual for a Scottish blend.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

The success of Hankey Bannister was built on personal touch. It was Beaumont Hankey who looked after that. He socialised, mingled, partied, lunched and dined. He was the embodiment of what the company stood and still stands for. Hankey Bannister never compromised on quality but Beaumont knew whisky was more than just a drink. I’d like to carry that mantra forward and our flamboyant and fun-loving founder is definitely an inspiration when I’m on the road.

Desert island dram?

Perhaps Hankey Bannister 25 Year Old. The balance is staggering and it has that classic, elegant taste profile I could never grow tired of.

What are your plans for the next few months? Will Hankey Bannister fans be able to catch you for a dram and a few questions?

Of course. I will be visiting major cities here in the UK but also travelling to France, The Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Czech republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Russia and other places in Europe. If you see me at a whisky event, come and say hi.

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