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Hankey Bannister to Launch 'Heritage Blend' Inspired by Rare 1920s Find

Hankey Bannister Blended Scotch Whisky has delved deep into its illustrious history for the launch of its new 'Heritage Blend', inspired by a perfectly preserved bottle of Hankey Bannister from the 1920s, unearthed last year in the UK.

A whisky of choice for celebrities of the day in the early twentieth century, the current Hankey Bannister team had no archived products from this golden era – until the discovery of an unopened bottle at the home of a couple in the UK in 2012.

The rare bottle was purchased by Hankey Bannister with the intention of adding it to the brand archive, however the antique liquid turned out to have its seal intact and to be in perfect condition for drinking.

Inspired by the distinctive, slightly sweeter and peatier taste of this lost classic, Hankey Bannister Master Blender Stuart Harvey has now carefully recreated it for today's premium blended whisky drinkers, providing them with a rare and authentic piece of Scotch whisky heritage that few whiskies could offer.

Using the current Hankey Bannister Original Blended Scotch Whisky as a starting point, Heritage Blend has been created by adding both higher aged and peated malts to reproduce a full, sweet flavour with a delicate hint of smoke.

To give Hankey Bannister drinkers a further slice of the brand's history, the design team has taken inspiration from the 1920s packaging, resulting in Heritage Blend's distinctive black glass bottle - made using a pioneering new glass colouring technique – and period lettering on the label.

The result is a fine blended whisky of great character. Golden amber in appearance it has a sweet smoke on the nose, with traces of burnt orange and green apple and spicy notes of vanilla and caramel. On the palate its full bodied taste has hints of honey and butterscotch and a long, complex finish.

Bottled at 46% ABV, 5000 cases will be made available globally and each 70cl bottle will have an RRP of £28.00. Hankey Bannister Brand Manager Lynne Buckley commented: 'The colourful history of Hankey Bannister is of great interest to our team and also to our drinkers, so to have the opportunity to bring to life an authentic part of the whisky's history has been an enormous pleasure. We are very fortunate that someone back in the 1920s decided to store this bottle for posterity – and that it was in such good condition 90 years after bottling. Stuart Harvey has done a great job in creating a blend that is true to the taste and style of the antique whisky whilst also being a wonderful dram for modern day blend drinkers.

Hankey Bannister Heritage Blend